We have used knowledge obtained during the implementation of quality systems in larger organizations to extract tips and advice for individuals and home based businesses.

In effective.blogs.com Eric Stern develops the concepts and tests them hoping to get feedback from potential users. The question is: what elements of ISO 9001 standards or Six Sigma processes are applicable and provide benefits to individuals. We think that the conclusions of the adaptation can be published in a document that most people can use to improve communications with others, reduce wasted time and energy, and increase recognition by others.

In parallel, elements of the work are presented in teleclasses and recorded so that some of tips become available immediately.

Knowing what our customer  or friends or relationship want is a good starting point. Often we assume that we know and act on our assumptions. ISO 9001 requires organizations to generate contracts that need to be reviewed to ensure that they are sound. Do we check enough whether we have understood what people around us want and need from us? Do we correct our actions when we discover that what we provide is different from what they want? Many misunderstandings and problems could be avoided if we did.

When we repeat the same type of action in an organization we call that a process. Quality professionals analyze processes to find ways of improving the output by better aiming to get the exact results we want, with minimum deviation from the desired results. Individuals can do the same thing if they start paying attention and recording important data. Simple tools are available to adjust our actions for optimal results.

To find out more about these tips and others go to the blog. You will likely improve your efficiency.

Personal Effectiveness for individuals and small businesses

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